So you've got a question for us? Let us answer a few for you!


I ordered today, when will my package be here?

Allow 5-7 days for your delivery to arrive. Shipping time is usually based on weight. 


I ordered internationally and my package has not arrived, when will it be here?

Allow 1-2 weeks when shipping internationally. It is different for each country. We are shipping out of Los Angeles, which tends to receive a lot more income of mail than your standard post office.


Why is international shipping so expensive?!

International shipping is based on the price of your customs return. We charge a flat rate, to insure that all shipping costs, handling, and customs forms, are taken care of.


The product I ordered isn't the size I thought it'd be, what can I do?

You may email us directly at ASK42799@GMAIL.COM. We will do our best to reply within 24 hours of your request. We cannot always ensure that your size will be available when returning. Please remember this! We have provided our standard sizing chart on each product. Please order accordingly


Contact us directly for all inquiries about returns, questions, comments, concerns, etc at